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Why does the continuous CF/PEEK composite material attract so many attention in the medical device industry?

Date: 2020/05/06

In recent years, continuous CF/PEEK composite material is frequently showed in the medical device exhibitions, and begins to assume its role in medical device companies. What are the unique advantages of this composite material that atrract the eyes from the medical device industry?


1.What is CF/PEEK 

Continuous CF/PEEK composite material refers to a kind of composite material that is organically combined with continuous carbon fiber(" CF")as the reinforcement and the peak of special engineering plastic PEEK as the substrate.The two materials are combined together by the moulding process of high temperature and high pressure,thereby PEEK resin is immersed in the carbon fiber organically,and the CF/PEEK is formed.


2. CF/PEEK performance


Performance comparison between CF/PEEK and carbon fiber powder modified PEEK and aluminum alloy


Compared with conventional continuous CF-reinforced epoxy resin composite material, PEEK has a wider clinical application and better performance. As a typical thermosetting resin matrix, epoxy resin has the disadvantages of high brittleness and relatively low temperature resistance.Meanwhile the epoxy resin has poor hydrolysis resistance,but PEEK has good performance on it.The elongation rate of epoxy resin is 5%~7%, PEEK performance is up to 20%.The high-ductility of PEEK material is doomed to fatigue resistance,good interlaminar bonding,not easy cracking,which make up for the defects of expoxy resin.Therefore,CF-reinforced epoxy resin composite material is widely used in the medical operation bed,fixed frame,bed,etc.,but is not suitable for the production of orthopedic surgical instruments.


The long-term temperature resistance of PEEK resin matrix material is above 260℃, and this performance is greatly improved by CF/PEEK. Related research shows that the high resistance temperature of CF/PEEK is closed to the melting point of PEEK, which is 334℃.The characteristic properties of high temperature resistance and low hydrolysis ensure that the product made by CF/PEEK can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure sterilization.


Comparing to traditional aluminium alloy and stainless steel materials, which of density are 2.8g/cm3,7.3g/cm3 respetively,the density of CF/PEEK is 1.5-1.6g/cm3, high strength but lighter weight. As test demonstrated,part of CF/PEEK performs better than stainless steel.Further more,the CF/PEEK with good performance of X-ray transparency makes surgery operation much more intuitive and safer.And the CF/PEEK does not have the cold feeling of metal when holding,which is more confortable for doctors during operation.


Junhua PEEK


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